Samson Trail

  • Rating: Easy
  • Type: Linear
  • Usage: Biking, Walking
  • Surface: Gravel, Old Railway
  • Season: Year-round

Getting There

Samson Trail is located in the town of New Glasgow, and was transformed out of the old railroad tracks. There are many ways to access this trail and ample parking places as well. The easiest way to find the trail is to turn left down the road before you go across the bridge that takes you into the downtown area. Travel along this road till you come to a stop sign. On the other side of the sign is a small parking lot where you can leave your car and start on the trail.


Here you will find a covered look-off that gives a beautiful view of the river and where you will be going on this walk. There are also some picnic tables around if you want to have a snack before you start your hike. The town is restoring the old train tracks into a useful hiking trail and have done a great job.

The trail is easy for walking, biking or running and jogging. When on this trail you are bound to run into lots of local towns folk and even might see the mayor walking the trail. There is lots of vegetation and it is well lighted at night-time with street lights.

As you near the bridge you will see Carmichale Park which boast some monuments and flower beds. There is also a gazebo here that is used for wedding pictures, gatherings, and festivals. Depending on when your there you might see something worth watching.

The trail now splits and you can either walk above the bridge or take the cage walkway that travels under the bridge. The walkway under the bridge is a great way to look into the habits of the local birds that are perched on the support beams under the bridge.

On the other side of the bridge we walk through the more populated part of this trail, through the backyards and driveways of townhouses. Soon after this we enter my favorite part of the trail where the trees spread their branches out over and create a shaded canopy for us to walk under.

Towards the end of the trail is the Sobeys Park. The park is there as a way of thanking the Sobey's family for the donation of land for parts of the trail and for the help the family gave in the development of it. This part has some rest areas and is great for a breather before walking back to the car.