Risser's Beach Provincial Park

  • Distance: 1.9 KM
  • Rating: Easy
  • Type: Loop
  • Usage: Walking
  • Surface: Boardwalk, Natural, Sand
  • Updated: August 01, 2008


About 25mins from Bridgewater on the 331 highway towards Green Bay there is a sign pointing to Risser's parking lot.


Beaches are for the summertime, but beaches can be just as beautiful and breathtaking in the cool fall breeze as in the heat from a hot summer's day. The beach has two campgrounds, a canteen and shower facilities but being the fall it's more like a nice picnic park instead of a fast food joint.

On the way in from the parking lot there is a trail that goes all the way up to the wooded area camping site. Even if your not camping this is still a nice walk through the trees and tends to be warmer then walking along the beach.

Once you cross under the highway through a tunnel you will see a couple of choices of where to go. You could head straight out for the beach, check out the exhibit building or go for a walk on the board walk. We'll go on the boardwalk first. This 3/4 of a mile boardwalk takes you on a scenic stroll through the marsh and ends at the far end of this beautiful beach.

Even on this cold day it seems to be a challenge to get pictures of the beach without some people finding there way onto our film. The cold wind off of the ocean water does make our thoughts of dipping our toes in fade away quickly.

It is a beautiful view none the less and our cheap camera tries it's best to capture the moment. It's not a bad attempt but comes nowhere close to actually being there. This one is worth the trip. I suggest picking a day when there is a strong wind to see the most waves.

Before leaving Risser's for the day we take a moment to view the display in the small building near the entrance to the beach. There is a lot of information in here on the beach and the animals that find there homes here. There are a couple of cool arial photographs in the building as well.