McCormack's Beach Boardwalk

  • Rating: Easy
  • Type: Linear
  • Usage: Walking, Wheelchair
  • Surface: Boardwalk
  • Season: May-October

Getting There

From Dartmouth, take the Eastern Passage Road to Fisherman's Cove. Turn right onto Shore Roadand you will see a parking lot and sign for the park on your right.


This short trail takes you around a small loop along the coastline of McCormack's Beach. To protect the beach environment from the trail they have raised it up on a boardwalk, this also makes the trail wheelchair accessible. You can see the whole length of the loop trail along the beach and everyone else that is walking around it.

The trail provides many views of the local area, it's possible to see the skyscrapers in downtown Halifax, the small village of Fisherman's Cove, the lighthouse on Devils Island, Lawlor Island and behind it McNabs Island.

After the loop you can continue on the boardwalk that takes you by the restaurant and into the area of small shops in Fisherman's Cove.