Long Lake Park Reserve

  • Rating: Easy
  • Type: Network
  • Usage: Hiking, Walking
  • Surface: Natural, Old Road

Getting There

Following St. Margaret's Bay Road from the Armdale Rotary there is a small parking lot on your left just before the road leading to Exhibition Park.


This local Halifax trail has something for everyone. From easy walks, beautiful lake scenery, to more difficult hiking and Moutain biking trails.

From the parking lot the trail is nicely wide and fairly easy going all the way to Long Lake. From here you can access the lake and small beach where dog lover's are sure to be entertaining their pets on a warm day.

The trail continues on but very quickly becomes more difficult. Pre-pare for rocky washed out trail roads and muddy paths in this section during wet times of the year. This trail will take hikers out behind Exhibition Park. At this point you can cross the small brook (the bridge was washed out a long time ago on this old road) and follow through to the old coach road. Or you can follow the stream back down to Long Lake and then follow the path along the water's edge back to the main trail and to the parking lot where you started.

Following the stream will take you past the small waterfall on this trail (higher water = larger falls), it is a small falls but we were there during a dry few months in Nova Scotia.