Victoria Park

  • Time: n/a
  • Rating: Easy-Moderate
  • Type: Network
  • Usage: Hiking, Walking, Wheelchair
  • Surface: Asphalt, Gravel, Natural
  • Updated: April 10, 2005

Getting There

Following Highway 102 take the Truro exit and follow the Victoria Park signs through town to reach the park.


Truro has long been a popular spot along the Glooscap Trail. Amongst the schools, houses and shops there is a well-known area, Victoria Park. It is a very popular spot in the summer time for local residents and visitors to the area. In the winter time it is still a great attraction to people in the town of Truro and to those of us who know of it.

Victoria Park includes something for everyone; there are picnic tables, playground, canteen (only open in the summer), trails, waterfalls and breathtaking large trees. There are also a few covered spots, and rest areas.

The trail has many different avenues, making this park appealing to all kinds of visitors. There is an easy section to the trail, a moderate section and for those up for a longer adventure the trails wind their way through the backwoods of the park.

One of the best parts about this park is the beautiful waterfalls that you are led to by these trails along the river. Joe Howe Falls is the first one you come across. The Falls are 50 feet high and seem to sneak up on you from around the corner of the path.

After climbing one of the staircases in the park we come to a wooden landing. This area has a monument and a bridge across the water to let you look down to the top of the Joe Howe Falls. From here the second waterfall (Waddell Falls) is also visible.

Waddell Falls is the second of these beautiful land marks in this town park. It too has a rest spot and stairs to go to the top of it. However the top of this trail can be tricky and dangerous depending on the condition.

This is just a small portion of the trails found in Victoria Park. Other trails go on for a long hike and come out in various parts of the community.

Note: Wheelchair access is limited and can lead to areas where the trail turns difficult.