Hiking Checklist

Always plan ahead, and always be prepared. Before setting out on any hiking/camping trip it is always good to make a checklist of items you want/need to take with you. Your checklist will vary depending on the difficulty of the hike, the length of your visit and the time of year you are going.

A good starting point to any checklist is the Ten-Essentials. These are a basic set of items that are recommended for most if not all hiking/camping trips. You can usually fit the Ten-Essentials into a small daypack or fanny-pack.


  1. Water – Bring plenty of water and a way to purify water found on the trail.
  2. Food – lunch, energy bars, trail-mix, snacks, etc…
  3. Fire starter – lighter, matches in a waterproof container
  4. Compass/GPS unit – bring extra batteries for GPS units.
  5. Map – a map of the area and the trail you will be hiking.
  6. First Aid Kit
  7. Whistle
  8. Pocket Knife, Nylon Cord
  9. Clothing - Rain Jacket, Emergency Blanket, Extra Clothing
  10. Flashlight – bring extra batteries.

Please Note: This is a suggested list of items; please use your own judgment depending on the particular trip you are planning.

Other Items

Here are some more items you may want to take on your hiking/camping trip.

  • Camera and Film, Tripod
  • Binoculars
  • Toilet Paper
  • Signal Mirror
  • Garbage Bags
  • Tent, Emergency Shelter
  • Cell Phone
  • Hiking Stick or Trekking Pole

To help you make sure you don’t forget anything on your next hiking trip, please use our printable hiking and camping checklists.

  • Hiking Checklist - (coming soon)
  • Camping Checklist - (coming soon)
  • Extra Checklist pages - (coming soon)

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