Trail Rating System

The trail rating system used on this website is provided as a general guide. It is based on the trail condition at the date and time it was hiked or explored. These trail conditions will change over time and I do not guarantee that the information is current or up-to-date. Depending on your age and level of fitness you may also find the trails easier or harder than this website indicates.

We try to give trails a rating that will be informative and helpful for the average hiker. The trails are grouped into four main ratings, they are:


These trails are mostly level, maybe with some small up/downhill sections. The trail surface is good to excellent and they are usually short trails with easy navigation.


Trails that are longer with up/downhill sections, the trail surface is good to fair. Navigation is usually easy but may vary.


Long trails that are strenuous because of their length and/or the condition of the trail surface. They may be difficult to navigate and have sections of hazards such as branches, routes or vegetation.


Trails with this rating may be short or long and usually involve a steep up/downhill section. The trail surface may be poor or damaged in some cases and navigation may be difficult or near impossible. Also you may encounter hazards on the trail such as branches, roots, vegetation or debris. Bushwhacking may be involved.

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